How to save money on car maintenance

Keeping costs low

There’s no denying that you need to ensure that your car is always fully maintained in order to keep yourself, your family and other drivers safe on the road. Repair and maintenance can however become cripplingly expensive and so it’s easy to be tempted to put them off, especially when finances are tight. With the internet, you can now purchase things like car alternators, accessories and even starter motors online. Sadly, delaying repairs or simply not maintaining your car is not only dangerous, it can actually cost you even more in the long run.

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Tips to save money whilst still maintaining your car:

Regularly check your car

Try to learn a little about how your car actually works. Once you can appreciate the different components and what they need to function, you’ll be able to spot when things need adjusting or topping up.

Different parts of the car require checking at different points –for example you should check your oil once a month yet you most likely don’t need to check your anti freeze more than twice a year. Always do a full check of the car before any long journey.

Always use the right materials for your car

Things like coolant may seem easily interchangeable but in fact you could damage your engine by using the wrong type of coolant. Be aware of factors such as the model of your car, the size of your tyres, the type of oil or coolant that it takes or the bulbs in the light fittings. This will save you from making expensive mistakes.

Keep your Tyres topped up

One of the first things to suffer when a car is badly maintained is generally the tyres. This can lead to accidents on the road as well as being extremely expensive for you. Try to get a feel for how your vehicle operates and you’ll often pick up problems purely by feeling them when you drive – unhealthy tyres often result in vibration or veering when steering.

Don’t ignore any changes that you feel. It’s possible to write off a car completely with a blown tyre so use that to put the cost of replacing a worn tyre into perspective.

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Watch the costs drop

You need to see car maintenance as an investment. Once you start to learn about your car and to check regularly that it is running properly, it’s highly likely that you’ll notice it stays healthier for longer. For example, checking your brake fluid costs you nothing and the fluid is fairly cheap, yet if you leave it unchecked and encounter a problem, you’ll be looking at bills of thousands of dollars.

The final word on car maintenance 

No one wants to spend more than they have to when times are tight. However it’s really important to realise that a badly maintained car can easily result in much larger costs long term than one that is well looked after. Make sure you compare prices when it comes to parts for your car.

Check online websites like for top quality parts and accessories to keep your car running smoothly.

How To Choose A Top Notch Car Mechanic

The right fit

Your car is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. It’s only right then that you entrust its upkeep to someone whom you really trust. You’ll want to know that you’re always getting the best advice, and that you aren’t paying over the standard price for any repair or maintenance. Finding the best car mechanic can take time but persevere and you’ll get peace of mind for the long term.


Car Dealerships

Your local car dealership will be able to carry out a large amount of the repairs necessary for your car. They’ll have good access to all of the parts that you may need, and they’ll generally be professional and accommodating. You won’t need to be as wary about certification and qualifications as larger car dealerships generally have this covered and are required to constantly meet high standards.

You will always need to go to a dealership if your car is still under warranty for warranty repairs, however for things such as routine maintenance you have the right to have repairs performed anywhere so always shop around if you’re not sure you’re being offered the best deal.

Independent Garages

If you’d prefer to go with a specific mechanic or a smaller organization, you may want to consider researching independent garages. Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the right one for you:

  • Always check that the mechanics have experience repairing your specific brand or type of car. Every car varies hugely in its requirements so it’ll help if your mechanic has a good knowledge of what your car needs to run most efficiently.
  • Go with word of mouth recommendations wherever possible from friends or family with similar vehicles. This is usually the most reliable way to find out if a mechanic is really good or not – from someone who has first hand experience of them, yet isn’t trying to sell you anything!
  • Get online. You’ll need to be selective and slightly wary of what you read but the internet is a great place to source good car mechanics in your area. Draw up a list then phone around and ask them a few questions to get a sense of how they are and what they know.
  • Check the certifications. You need to make sure that any work your mechanic does will ensure that you’re fully covered therefore before agreeing to anything, check that they are certified by the National Institute for Automative Service Excellence.

Tried and Tested

Don’t be afraid to ask for a trial run with a new mechanic. A good mechanic or garage will understand that you’re making a big commitment – both financially and emotionally – and want to be completely sure of your decision.

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